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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor
When choosing a roofing contractor, remember that your relatives may not be qualified to perform the job. Although your family member may be an excellent roofer, it is never a good idea to hire a roofer whom you know is not qualified. Rather, find a roofing contractor who is certified and has plenty of experience.

As a consumer, you should ask for several quotes from roofing contractors before choosing one. Make sure to get all the quotes in writing. It is also important to check if the contractor has any additional fees. Lastly, get a contract in writing that clearly states the scope of work, the materials to be used, and when you can expect to complete the work. It is also important to ask any questions that you might have, and negotiate the terms of the contract before signing it.

Insurance coverage is another important consideration. Most states require roofing contractors to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It is also important to check on local requirements and regulations for insurance coverage. In California, for example, roofing contractors are required to pay into the State Compensation Insurance Fund, a state program that covers workers’ compensation for construction accidents. Before hiring a roofing contractor, you should get advice from an insurance expert or lawyer.

Another consideration is insurance coverage for your vehicle. While your general auto insurance will cover damages to your vehicle, it will not cover your work space or tools. A tool and equipment insurance policy, sometimes called a tool floater, will reimburse your business for damaged or stolen tools. But it doesn’t cover premium shingles. Additionally, you may want to look into umbrella insurance as an add-on policy, which will increase your coverage limits.

Another important factor in hiring a roofing contractor is their experience and licensing. If they aren’t licensed, you may find that they are working with subcontractors. Make sure to ask them about their licensing and company structure. This way, you can be confident in the work they do for you. A roofing contractor’s reputation is important, so you want to be sure to choose someone who will be able to provide quality results.

Make sure your prospective roofing contractor carries a surety bond. This is beneficial to both you and your family. A surety bond is a great way to protect you in case the roofer doesn’t finish the job. A surety bond also helps your roofing contractor win more contracts. If you are a homeowner in California, a surety bond is a requirement for contractors. A surety bond of at least $15,000 is a good idea.

You should also check whether your roofing contractor holds a state license. Roofing contractors in Mississippi must hold a Residential Roofing License. To become licensed, a roofing contractor must have completed 60 hours of education and passed a trade exam. In Minnesota, a roofing contractor must have a license if the job exceeds $15,000. In Minnesota, a roofer needs a license if he or she performs work on more than one house. Additionally, you should check whether your prospective roofing contractor has insurance and is registered with the Department of Labor and Industry.

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