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Those with parents or spouses about to retire have high chances of looking for the best home health cae for their loved ones. There comes a time when you have no option but to look for a health aide for home care. In the event that you loved one is unable to are for themselves or the general home caregivers help is no longer enough, you will need a home health aide.

Common signs to watch out for include failure to bath regularly, not eating nutritiously or often, getting lost, frequent falls and inability to walk alone, unsafe driving to doctor’s appointments and leaving stoves on. Most of the elderly will not mostly agree to getting help but depending on their unique needs, if you know your loved one is unsafe alone, get an aide. Also, let the care recipient say what they are comfortable with and what they do not like.

Responsibilities of Health Aides

Aides are deemed healthcare paraprofessionals and must meet certain requirements by the State as regards to training. They can either work on gifts or reside with the care recipient. Besides taking care of routine tasks the care recipient is unae to handle like shopping and cooking, or laundry, there are other tasks that they should handle as well. For instance they must help with daily living activities such as toileting, bathing, eating, dressing and grooming, and moving from place to place. They are also tasked with checking vital organs like the pulse, respiration and blood pressure.

Home health aides are also check the mental and physical condition of their clients, their exercise levels, how much they eat and drink and their frequency of visiting the bathroom. They are also trained on how to handle accidents, stroke or heart attacks. There are those aides who do not offer services like occupational and physical therapy or topnotch nursing care. They are however supposed to observe the mental and physical health of their clients and report to a healthcare professional or a registered nurses.

Top Character Traits

Common traits to watch out for in a home health aide include attention to detail, good communication skills and compassion. Dor the job to be executed well, other skills to watch out for include some medical know-how, physical stamina, flexibility, patience and honesty.


Training requirements for aides will vary depending on the State one lives in. The federal law requires aides to train for not less than 75 hours in a program approved by the State as well as hands-on clinical and practical training of at least 6 hours.

How to work Well with Home Health Aides

The aides must be treated like very valued employees. Always remember how much workload they have, their requirement for time offs and daily breaks. Ensure that you work hand in hand with them so they adapt to the changes in the work environment and know all he needs of your beloved.

Find out all you need regarding federal, state and local laws pertaining to the payments and work scheduling to avoid confusion and underpaying them.

You must know that the home health aide is only supposed to care for the one individual or an elderly couple and not the whole family. Do not give them tasks besides what they are expected to do or what you agreed from the beginning. The caregivers should therefore not wash the family clothes or drive kids to school. If they are willing to do other tasks, agree on the extra compensation for the work done.

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